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Top Deep House Songs 2012 | Soulful

Top Deep House Songs 2012 – Part 1 List


Add some soul to your playlist from Top Deep House Songs 2012. Monthly updates.

Deep house music rarely reaches a climax, but lingers on as a comfortable relaxing sound.

(image below creator Salvatore Vuono)  /

Some underground house also added to Top Deep House Songs 2012.

Some songs are a few months back but it’s a good start for 2012!

Top Deep House Songs 2012 - Jan


Top Deep House Songs 2012 – Part 1 List

1 Juan Sanchez – Something     DJN Project’s Soultech Mix

2 Todd Terry – Party People     Original Mix

3 Stereo Mutants ft Krista – Up, Down     MyDoctor Elvis Remix

4 Albert Cabrera- Melted     One Rascal Mix

5 Yanik Coen – Rain Or Shine     Original Mix

6 Bravo Mike ft Monika Lynk – Someone Like You     Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix

7 Ralph Session – Say I Really Need You     Original Mix

8 Francesco Tarantini – Amazon     GA Workout Edit

9 Tiger Stripes – Spirited Away     Angel Alanis Remix

10 Imaani – Found My Light     Feliciano Classic Vocal

11 Blu Sol Trio ft Shaka Banton – Can’t Go Back     Main Mix

12 Malena – No Me Digas Nada     Tomo Inoue Purusha Dub


At least enjoy the playlist.  🙂

Top Deep House Songs 2012 also contains soulful house tracks.


Top Deep House Songs 2012 – Part 2

1 Osunlade – Pheramones     Original Mix

2 Matthew Bandy ft Josh Milan – Wish     Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix

3 Rubberlips – Dughouse     Alessio Arcangeli Remix

4 Underset – Halogen     Orignal Mix

5 DeLorean Suite – Love And Serenity     Bollo Mix

6 Sean McCabe & Stephanie Cooke – Just A Little Bit     Marlon D Remix

7 Basil – City Streets     Original Man Remix Vocal

8 Rafael Yapudjian – Brazilianique     Original Mix

9 Hennings Project ft Nickson – Do You Believe It     Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix


Update (April) Part 3 has arrived! Enjoy.

Top Deep House 2012 – Part 3:

13 Ooze – Message For You     Dlay Remix

14 Whim-ee – I Will Tell You     Original Mix

15 Stephanie Cooke – If I Have To Change     URH Dub

16 Todd Terry vs Greg Nice – Bac 2 Da Old School     Original Mix

17 Craig Heneveld – Dig     Original Mix

18 Namy ft Monday Michiru – There She Stands     Feliciano Vocal Mix

19 Boddhi Satva ft Ade Alafia – The Quest     Boddhi Satva Mix

20 Stephanie Cooke – It’s Like Nothing     Reelsoul Dub Mix

21 95 North – Ay-Tu-Bah     95 North Club Mix v9

22 Berardino & Sonatore – Take My Freedom Away       Original Mix

23 OMB – Stay With Me     Original Mix

24 Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro ft Amor – Lovery     Original Instrumental Mix

25 Terisa Griffin – Yes     Terry Hunter BANG Sundays Club Mix

26 Si’Ke DJs – Say What!     Original Mix

27 Alex Ander & Deep Grounder ft Virag – Tonight     Original Mix

28 Kevin Hedge ft Rick Galactik – Follow Your Heart      Heart Mix

Update for June !

29 Angus Jefford – The Culture     Original Mix

30 Alistair Gillespie & Alex Deep – Good Ol’ Days     Thomas De Lorenzo Remix

Top Deep House 2012  Part 4:

31 Matthias Heilbronn vs Sandee – Notice Me 2012     Soulflower Mix

32 Sean Ray – Fiend For You     Mark Kane Remix

33 PRT Stacho And Underset – Empty World     D.P.Kash Remix

35 Sid Vaga ft Nappy G – Brazuca     Original Mix

36 Marcelo Vak – Yes I Wanna     Original Mix

Update here for July, more new deep house music :

37 Lem Springsteen   –   European Boy        Director’s Cut Mix

38 Julius Papp & Lisa Shaw    –   Miracle        Smash Hunter Disco Soul Vocal Mix

39 Chuck DeMonte – Raise Your Hands        Original Mix

40 Betaphonics  –   Midnight Love        Original Mix


41 Bottin ft Jupiter    –  Sage Comme Une Image        Spiller Remix

42 Lea Muses ft Todd Terry  –  Feels So Real        Tee’s Freeze Mix

43 DJ Mog – Juntos        Original Mix

44 Todd Terry – Baby Baby        Tee’s InHouse Mix

45 DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell – Return To Love        A Directors Cut Treatment

46 Vital & Hubb – Switchback        Deez Deep Afro Mix

47 Ron J.B. ft DaDika – Nights To Remember        Original Mix

Update August. Some more soulful deep house music.

48 Funk Mediterraneo            Sexy Shop        Joshua Iz Vizual Beats

49 Adnan Sharif            WeR1        Pezzner Remix

50 Todd Terry            It’s Not Over        Tee’s FX Mix

Top Deep House Music 2012  Part 5:

51 Oscar Barila           Soledad        Surrealism Vocal Mix

52 Neiro             Rising Sun        Original Mix

53 Bhunu Brill f. Percy            Should Have        Ultra Soul Project Remix

54 Kenny Bobien/Swift Of DJN Project           What A Way (Pt. 2)        Juan Sanchez FL JuMo Bros Remix

55 Rafael Yapudjian f. Patricia Coelho              Lanca Perfume        A Casa Original Mix

56 Converge            Sequence        Satoshi Fumi Remix

Update September. More2012 deep house!

57 Dance Spirit            Where You Feel It        Dub Mix

58 Todd Terry           Like That Y’all        Tee’s InHouse Mix

59 Will Alonso           Deep Thoughts        Christian Scott Deep Remix

60 Marco Rea & RU.DIJ ft Kevin Delite             Love’s The Greatest Power        Original Mix

Top Deep Soulful House Music 2012  Part 6:

61 Pointbender            So Fell The Orbit        Symbio’s Lateral Dub

62 Eternal City ft Orlando Johnson            Come Back To Me        Gianni Sponti Remix

63 Chuck Love ft Demonica Flye           The Voice        Monte’s Main Mix

64 Deep.Vibe          Why Do You Do This        Kenny Summit Remix

65 Kenny Summit ft Justin Schumacher            Mayhem        Original Mix

66 Marco Finotello ft Lily Latuheru            Weooh        Original Mix

Update October!

67 Bo-Cash            Hot Shot      Original Mix

68  Norty Cotto              Do Your Thang     Club Mix

69 Klein & M.B.O.            Dirty Talk       Moplen Edit

70  Will Alonso              Oh Shiii (Work This)          Original Mix

Soulful House Part 7:

71 Monty Luke           In Love With A Dancer         ML Tronik Edit

72 Jack Kerouak            Do          Original Mix

73 Todd Terry      Symphony         Tee’s InHouse Mix

74  The Bulletz ft Adama     Temptation      Original Mix

75 Sulli & 5657 ft The Skatt Bros.      Walk The Night            DJ Spun’s Disco Edit

76 Bah Samba Presents Shake The Dog ft Celia Mur           Corazon Roto         Original Mix

UPDATE November!

77 Spirit Catcher        Absolute Drop Original Mix

78 O.O.R.S.          Callabonna Grove Julian Sanza Remix

79 Sunshine Jones           Dirty Love Aki Bergen Daniel Jaze Soulvision Remix

80  Richard Kincaid           Ain’t No Sunshine Electro Kingz Vocal Dub

Deep House 2012:

81 Doomwork         Sunshine And Mosquitos Original Mix

82 Anane         Walking On Thin Ice Louie Vega/Sebastien Grand/Alex Finkin Remix

83 Urban Soul & DJ Roland Clark f. Craig Davis       You Get Me Lifted Tony Loreto Remix

84  Joey Negro Presents Kola Kube       Everybody Needs Somebody Faze Action Mix

85 Inaya Day Allstars f. Crystal Waters       Long Day StoneBridge House Mix

86 Eternal City f. Melanie Gerren         Ego Spanking Dom Mod Scuteri Mix

UPDATE December!

87 The Deepshakerz           Jack Your Booty     Original Mix

88  Aleps Drums            Shake 4 Mi     Will Alonso Drum Remix

89 Carolyn Harding           Pick It Up     Sean McCabe Club Vocal Mix

90  Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band ft Angela Johnson        In The Thick Of It     Joey Negro’s Endless Summer Mix


91 Sr Mandril        Reino De La Luna     Darkhorse Remix

92 Mystik Mike             Higher Baby     Original Mix

93 Josh Milan        Thinking About Your Body     Louie Vega Dance Ritual Remix

94 Todd Terry & J Paul Getto          Go Bitch     Extended DJ Edit

95 PRT Stacho & Underset ft Ange       Empty World     Eric Kupper Remix

More coming next year!

Hard to find mixes and underground.

“Deep house is a sub genre of house music that fuses elements of Chicago house into the 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music.”   (Wikipedia)

 More Top House Songs 2012


Soulful Pleasure In Top Deep House Songs 2012 🙂

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