Top Best Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011

By | April 6, 2011

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011


OK folks, check this collection of Electro House music songs for 2011.

Don’t miss it!

Put some of these songs in your DJ playlist and be ready for a dance!
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Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011 :

1   Gimbal & Sinan – Bring The House Back

2 Clemens Rumpf – Deep Village House (Funk N Groove Mix)

3 House In A Livingroom – The Door In The Floor

4 Db Sounds Systems – Rosman (Stefan Zee Remix)

5 Freelanze   – Unknown (Tuxedo Remix)

6 A.C.N. & Alexander Avilla – Acid Jack (Original Mix)

7 Hijacker – After Hours (Mikael Stavostrand Mix)

8 Dirk Dreyer & Pierre Deutschmann – Keep It Coming (Jean Philips & Mat Holtmann Remix)

9 Lorenzo Navarro – Shadow Step Move (Original Mix)

10 Jack Morado – Don’t Hesitate (Chris Montana Remix)

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011:

11 DanOden – Lash (Mike Laveaux & Kenny Cage Remix)

12  Niko De Luka Feat. Lydiane –  I Am A Survivor (Kid Shakers Dub Mix) [feat. Lydiane]

13 Franky Miller Vs. Barry L’Affair – Getuphi (Maria Edesse Remix)

14 Laera – Joyful Fire (Original Mix)

15 Monica X – People (Oleg Flame Remix)

16 Mykel Mars – L. A. Nights (System B. Venice Beach Remix)

17 Taster Peter – Metro Sexual (Ascii Disko Full Remix)

18 Antoine Montana & Felyx Lighter – Down Like Dat (Funky Fresh Remix)

19 George West – Sine Timore (Original Mix)

20 Hypnotic Duo  – Rezident (Original)


Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011:

21 Damian William Ft Dhany – Dangerous (William Kaiton Remix) [feat. Dhany]

22 Andy Cora – Epsilon (Mike Duz Remix)

23 Acrylite – On The Clock (Original)

24 Divkid  – Tailwhip (Original Mix)

25 Nico Parisi – Nico Parisi (Airwave Remix)


26  Alchemist Project – Wanna Be

27 Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette & Idoling!!! – Big In Japan

28 Cool Wave – Powerful SOUND (Original MIX)

29 Enrique Iglesias – Dirty Dancer (feat. Usher) (Hype Jones Club Mix)

30 3R – Shine On (Zoot Remix)

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011:

31 DJ Solovey – Electro Spartans (Rework)

32 Andrew Spencer Feat. Pit Bailay – I’m Always Here (Baywatch Theme) (Ti-Mo Remix)

33 James Kennedy – Bang Her (Original Mix)

34 David Guetta – Bass Line (Original Mix)

35 Peppermint feat. Da Singh RP – Come To Me (Original Mix)

36 Baby Bash Feat. Jump Smokers – Vegas Nights

37 LMFAO Feat. Lady GaGa – Party Rock Anthem (Club Remix)

38 Ayhouse & Tomkay feat. Tommy Clint – Break Away

39 Steve Forest – Be Bop A Lula (Original Mix)

40 DJ Maxsie & Alex Speaker – Sand & Sun (Original Mix)

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011:

41 Black Noise project – Not Giving Up (Original mix)

42 Danny-S vs. Relanium – Intoxicated 2.1 (Taito Remix)

43 David Guetta & Afrojack feat. Carmen – Pandemonium (Original Mix)

44 Alchemist Project – Wanna Be (Taito Remix)

45 DJ Neogame – People all dance (Full mix)

46 Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough (Daan’d & Funkwell Remix)

47 Dj Antoine Feat Timati – Amanama (Money)

48 Martin Hardwell – Annihilating Rythm

49 DJ HaLF & Alex Need – Electric Drugs (Original Mix)

50 Dave Darell & Benny Benassi – Children Ilusion (Danny Rush ‘Progressive’ Edit)

Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011:

More coming soon!



Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011

Right that’s what I got so far for this Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011.

I will update when the time comes soon, so enjoy for now!

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Top Best Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011

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6 thoughts on “Top Best Electro House Songs DJ Playlist 2011


    hi wonder if you can help me i watch big brother and on october 14th aden left the house it showed his best bits and the last song of the video clip is amazing it’s an electro song i don’t know the name and want it bad and if you look on youtube and ytpe aden best bits it’s on there,if you know i would be most gratful
    miss tomlinson

  2. Povilas

    interesting playlist, i found some good bits and bobs. I posted my own short playlist here you can download the songs with the links given there.. let me know what you think.

  3. Top House Music

    Awesome track list. Really feeling this playlist. Thank’s for the share, man. :)

  4. Layo

    Hey man, playlist is not bad, but.. Do you know what is electro-house?? Don’t think so.


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