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How To Dance Electric Slide


How To Dance The Electric Slide

STEP 1 Starting with the right foot
Take three steps to the right and clap

STEP 2 Starting with the left foot
Take three steps to the left and clap

STEP 3 Starting with the right foot
Take three steps backwards and clap

STEP 4 Shake your upper body down
Shake your upper body up

STEP 5 Quarter turn to the right

(Repeat steps 1-5 for duration of song)

Once the electric slide dance is properly mastered,

it will become a highlight of your parties. In fact you will even be able to begin it from an empty dance floor.

Try emceeing over the song by counting out the steps so that others will be able to follow along just by listening to your voice. This is essential.

Not everyone will be able to see you at all times even though you will be leading the electric slide dance from the front (this is what being a mobile entertainer is all about).

With this in mind, become so familiar with this electric slide dance with effective voice overs to it that they become second nature to you.

No party will be successful unless you can motivate your crowd to dance. Sometimes this can be accomplished by simply playing the right music.

However, even if that is the case, you will not get as many referrals out of the job if you didn’t physically do anything to get your crowd to respond.

You see, you want your crowd to respond to you, not just the music.

The Electric Slide Dance Steps

 Electric Slide Dance

There are many versions you could do with the electric slide dance. Or you could experiment.

The  original tune is Electric Boogie recorded by Marcia Griffiths.

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The electric slide dance, a folk dance for the modern age !

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