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Got To Have A DJ For The Party! So What’s A DJ?

What’s A DJ?

When arranging for any party or event or wedding, entertainment plays an important role.

In such programs the role of a DJ plays a prime factor.

A DJ or a Disc Jockey can actually make your occasion become energetic and come in to life.

DJs can offer amusement that will keep your visitors from parting before time and really get them moving, dancing, intermingling and having great fun.

What Is A DJ?

What’s A DJ?

Your occasion can be personalized with various music, be it romantic ballads to big band and sway to high-energy dance music , just anything and everything about music!

But the role of a DJ is not limited to that of music, in fact a DJ is an emcee who will provide amusement and can successfully keep the evening running efficiently with ceremonial messages and prologues.
With high-tech and modern sound equipment  and stunning lighting effects, an expert DJ can really be the hub of the gathering.

The Disc Jockey can not only offer the amusement but also make sure your event is not a snag and make your event such that it is remembered for years to come and is much talked about the people.


What Is A DJ?

A Disc Jockey who is most popularly and most commonly known as DJ or Deejay and basically he is the person who plays recorded music according to his selection in discotheques or in social gatherings.


What Is A DJ?

Initially, a disc jockey was referred to the who used to announce over the radio and play the ancient gramophones.

These gramophone records were known as discs which were jockeyed by radio announcers.

Thus the term disc jockey originated and which later became popular as Deejays.

These days with the advancement of technology and globalization, there are different kinds of deejays .

Job description:
The work that involves playing a series recorded music, manipulating music with the use of techniques for audio mixing, cueing, phrasing, cutting, scratching and beat-matching.

It should be noted that the term “DJ” in Jamaican dance hall culture the term DJ indicates the person who inputs live ad lib raps in instrumental music.


What’s A DJ?

The following  important apparatus required by a DJ to give a performance are:

1. Mp3 or compact disc music recordings.

2. Two or more CD players, Mp3 players for continual back and forth musical effects.

3. A good audio system for the purpose of amplification of the music recordings.

4. A mixer for the purpose of mixing the sound of the playback systems.

5. A microphone to amplify the voice.

6. Head phones to listen to the recordings while the music is being played.

7.  Miscellaneous equipments like samplers, drum machines, processors, slip-mats and other high tech system.


Got To Have A DJ For The Party!

Therefore if you are planning a big bash on your wedding or birthday or on any other occasion then call a DJ and make the event memorable for you and for your guests  to swing and rock with the music played by him.

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