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So where do the DJ’s download music? What we need is songs of the best sound quality.

Here you will find a list of top DJ websites for DJ Music to download music.

These sites are not free to download music, but they are made for the DJ pros.

DJ mp3 download  sites list.

Pay and get paid!

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The best quality is to get the wav file, though they might be more expensive than the mp3s.

Wav file (loss-less) is exactly CD quality at 1440. If you can’t then the 320 mp3 downloads are acceptable.

Some DJ’s download iTunes, but personally I haven’t tried that. So far I know, nothing beats wav (or Flac) files in any case, which is my preferred format.

List Of Legal DJ Websites Where To Download Music:

Choose a DJ website to download a song …

  • Beatport – a favorite amongst the Traktor DJ’s
  • Juno Records – popular in the UK
  • BreakBeat Alliance
  • Dance Music Hub
  • DJ City – also very popular among DJ’s
  • Traxsource
  • Trackitdown
  • Audiojelly
  • DJ Mr
  • Juno Download – over 2 million tracks specially for DJ’s
  • Ultra Records
  • Digital Tunes
  • Primal Records
  • CD Pool Sixpack  – great stuff
  • DJ Download
  • Master  Mix DJ – an excellent source
  • MassPool  – another super resource on the rise
  • DJ Tunes – Mostly house and trance tunes
  • Promo Only –  professional service for DJs and VJs
  • CD Pool  – don’t miss this site!
  • Latin Music Pool  – Tropical Latin, Mexican and Hip Hop specially for DJs
  • CD Baby  – available in MP3 320 and FLAC files (quality acceptable for DJs)
  • Surus – some of the best electronic music (U.K.)
  • 7digital – over 25 million high quality tracks !
  • Late Night Record Pool – Almost all genres, unlimited downloads on a monthly fee, very good!
  • zipDJ – subscription-based DJ music pool
  • DJ Shop – German site based on dance and electronic music mostly house
  • DJ Digital Pool –  very good one stop shop and one of the best deals around
  • Franchise Record Pool – one of the oldest record pools
  • MyMP3Pool – relevant with the latest hip-hop and EDM
  • iDJPool –  has a much deeper selection of country and rock music
  • and there’s more coming along in a while. All digital music.

Please comment if you know of a site not listed here.


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DJ Music | DJ Download | Download Music | DJ Website

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