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Hi ! I used to be a resident DJ, living in tourist resort town on the beach. Now I have retired, but still on part time. I still love being a DJ, so that's why I 'm cruising on this site, maybe helping other DJ's on choosing the music, which is one of the difficult parts of being a DeeJay. I am not a great writer, but good in playlisting! It's good to share it so give me a social share if you like any of the playlists. Cheers!

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Top Alternative Rock Songs 2015

The ‘Top Alternative Rock Songs 2015′ is going to get you a-rockin’! I bet you’ll find some cool new alt rock songs to dig. A work in progress playlist being updated every month till the end of 2015 so don’t miss this out. You’ll also find a YouTube link down at the bottom. Alright, let’s hit […]

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Top Latin Songs 2015

  The Top Latin Songs 2015  playlist consists of Bachata, Salsa, Merengue Mambo and  Samba versions from the year 2015 only. The last Latin playlist was good so please do check it out. Scroll down to hit the 2015 playlist. Enjoy.      Image courtesy of Aleksa D at FreeDigitalPhotos.net   Top Latin Songs 2015 Playlist: Juanes – […]

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Top Hip Hop R&B Songs 2015

The Top Hip Hop R&B Songs 2015 is a work in progress list. I’ll update every month with new popular tracks. I must warn you that some of these songs can be explicit. Okay scroll down to hit the playlist!   Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net   Top Hip Hop R&B Songs 2015 Playlist: Nicki […]

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Top Dance Song Remixes 2015 For DJs

The Top Dance Song Remixes 2015 For DJs is a curated list of dance remixes on popular songs. So if you’re looking for these kind of songs then don’t miss this! I’m positive you’ll find some cool tracks for your playlist. These club dance remixes are meant for DJs but it’s also cool for anybody. I’ll […]

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Popular Country Songs 2015 Playlist

Do you need help on finding new country songs? Yes? Then hop on! The Popular Country Songs 2015 Playlist is a work in progress list of song and artist titles, updating throughout the year 2015. You ‘ll find country styles like Line Dance, One Step, Two Step (slow or fast), Ballad, East or West Coast Swing, etc. Last year’s playlist was […]