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DJWhiteHawk.com is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in DJ’ing and Music.

The big help here is recommending a list of cool dance tracks for DJ’ing to be able to build or add to your playlist.

Check out the ‘Trending Playlists” column (sidebar) to see some of the work that’s going on.

Who is DJ White Hawk?

DJWhiteHawk.com content is produced by Amin Fahmy, an entrepreneur from Egypt – Austria. Amin has DJ’ed for years and is a Lounge, Deep House and Club House style of a DJ.

‘And of course the occasional rock parties as I am originally a rocker from the 70s. I also Radio DJ’ed for a few years.’

‘ I am a partially retired DJ, so I am not really keeping
up to date with all the new tech that’s changing so fast.

But rest assured, I am staying up to date with the music, which is a very important part in DJing.’


Food and music are the biggest and most important elements of a successful reception.

Music is food for the soul and to be happy for no reason!

‘I dropped the ‘past’ baggage and am living ‘now’, enjoying the beach life and playing listening music.’

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Love And  Peace

Amin aka DJ White Hawk

Egyptian White Hawk not the Red Indian!  Horus (ancient Egyptian eye in the sky)

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