1. Renz DJ13

    It’s nice to have a website like this. I remember the old days. Thanks for the input.

    1. DJ White Hawk

      LOL, so you experienced it, going through this stuff. It’s funny sometimes seeing the beginners make a mistake. But it’s not their fault, practice makes perfect!

      1. renz DJ13

        not exactly what you think. when i started to dj. i was in the mobile industry. we used cassette tapes, vinyl and cd’s. there’s no youtube in 80’s. the only remixer that you can download is ultimix and funkymix. pirating music is kind of hard that time. i match the beat of sound by beat but if i cannot i use break drops sometimes acapella. i have lot of exposure during that time. but i seen many people doing what you post and the funny is people is people now a day is still the same


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