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12 Helpful Tips For A DJ Beginner


Is this going to be your first gig?

You’re going to do your first gig in a couple of weeks or so, and you’ve got a bunch of tracks all lined up.

You know that you need to play based upon how the crowd feels, and all that jive.

But, beyond that, there isn’t much else you know.


Helpful tips on DJ mixing

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12 Helpful Tips For A DJ Beginner

You’re worried because you saw another new DJ performing in front

of pretty much the same crowd of people, playing a bit of the same

music you’re going to be playing (mostly high energy music), and

the crowd didn’t budge a single move.

  • Tip: don’t try anything too technical if you’re not sure how.

You’ll be anxious like crazy, so just focus on what you know with confidence.

What time will you be playing?

  • Tip:If you’re opening the evening, you shouldn’t want to be playing high-energy stuff right off the bat.

You need to ease into it and coax people on the dance floor.

  • Tip: don’t play songs off YouTube.

If you’re getting paid to DJ and you’re pirating stuff, that’s a pretty bad standard for a DJ.

  • Tip: when gathering the songs, always research the crowd’s interests.

It will be a lot of outside preparation work but the payoff at the end will be great.

  • Tip: never get drunk while DJing, otherwise you’ll crash the train!

Two drinks max!

  •  Tip: always have a music backup, ready in a USB flash drive.

In case something goes wrong with your laptop, autosync or whatever,

you’ll have at least a USB that you can slip into the CDJ player.

  • Tip: learn to beatmatch! (physically by the ear)

You don’t need to know the BPM if you can beatmatch, you do it by

ear and maybe using effects to smooth the transition.

Here is a little story :

[quote]This club is pretty big and they were at capacity last night so there was close to 2500 people there. probably about 1000 when I started playing.

I know the owners so I went in a week before to figure out how to plug my laptop into their cdj’s.

It wasn’t working so I figured I’d just use my controller or a USB stick with their equipment.

I get to the club last night and set up my controller and laptop and plug into the mixer.

Start playing and as soon as I cue up my second song my laptop is unresponsive! Nothing! Total freak out?

Naw, I stuck my usb into one cdj beforehand.

Cued up a song and transitioned without a hitch.

Played the rest of my set on equipment that I’ve never used before pretty flawlessly because I’ve read on here and other resources that once you get down the basics you can play on almost anything! [/quote]

This quote came from Reddit

And here is a quick tutorial on beatmatching by ellaskins


Okay, next tip (for the DJ beginner)

  • Tip: always have your business cards on you.

No comments on this one, it’s obvious.

  • Tip: record a set of 45 minutes and  listen to it.

Have a couple of shots of alcohol, and dance to your own set.

You will quickly find out how your “flow” is in regards to the mixing.

  • Tip: set your laptop to the side instead of directly in front of yourself on a stand if possible.

Your eyes are glued to the screen all the time. Bad habit!

Try putting a mirror in front of your set up while practicing at home.

When you practice for hours at home always looking at your screen,

it will most probably happen when you get in front of an audience.

Find DJs on YouTube where there is an actual live video and watch what the DJ is doing.

  • Tip: If you don’t dance to your music, why should your audience?

Dance! Move! Shake! While you’re mixing, it’s a show man!

People will feel much more connected to you because you’re dancing along “with” them. Do it!

Get in tune with the crowd completely.

Okay and the last tip

  • Always keep your cool, never ever loose your temper!

There are always some envious people who will try to make you loose your cool.


Reading the crowd and music selection is key to DJing.

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